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Helping Candidates, Motivating Voters

Real People 2024 Campaigning System


Real People 2024 has launched to help Republican candidates from school board to governor effectively compete in political races.

Elected officials have serious responsibilities to maintain America's Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness by following the U.S. Constitution, as written.


Unfortunately, it is Real People USA opinion that local, state and national GOP organizations do not sufficiently prepare Republican candidates to run for office.

Real People 2024 trains Republican candidates to manage their campaigns like a business and motivates Republican voters to take a greater interest in candidates early on in the campaign process.

Real People 2024 is a subscription-based candidate training and voter education platform. All training will be conducted on a screen-share platform (not Zoom).

Candidate training will consist of 8, one-hour sessions per week for 8 weeks. There will be a one-month break so Real People USA can travel. Then, the 8-week session starts again. We recommend candidates repeat each 8-week session. Each success will discuss topics covered in formal sales and marketing education. The 8-week session training fee is $300.

Voter training/education will consist of 8, one-hour sessions per week for 8 weeks. There will be a one month break and the 8-week session start over again. Each session will discuss promoting candidates and helping build a voter database. The 8-week session training fee is $160.

Fortune 500 companies pay about $25,000 for this type of focused training. 

Training fees will be used to build and grow a secure database platform, cover marketing expenses, hire a legal team and identify regional leaders.

For Candidates and Voter who want to get started right away, please contact Rick through this website. Please state if you plan on running for office or you are a concerned voter.

If you want to start your subscription now, please complete form and send 8-week session training fee, using Zelle, to under Real People USA.

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